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Message Music

Covenant Records is an independent label created to promote all formats of gospel music.



Dear Artist:

We feel our company can benefit your career in many ways. Therefore, we are offering you a recording contract. When you become a member of our team, you also become part of our family.

If your copyright paperwork has not been filed, there is a $50.00 fee to cover cost procedure. We also make sure that you are registered through BMI, so that you are paid royalties on a quarterly basis for air play. We will pursue every avenue to insure professional service for you and your career.

This contract is the perfect vehicle for promoting your project. Production cost is your responsibility, including producer's fee, packaging, and printing needed for commercial sale. You must be satisfied with the original master before release date. This is to insure you of a quality product.


Robert L. Houston

For more information, send demo tape or CD with 3 songs, lead sheet, photo and biography to the address below:

Covenant Records
P.O. Box 9091
Kansas City, Kansas 66112


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